Vivienne (writing2death) wrote in your_scribbles,

Summer Challenge: Results!

Hello, all! There were some issues with voting, which is why this is a couple days late. But I have the reveal and the winner here for you!

For the Nights I Can't Remember was written by xobabybirdox
A Matter of Time was written by la_armada
Proving the Existence of Ducks was written by wren_hightower

The voting was really really close for all three of you! In the end wren_hightower won by a very small margin. You'll get either six months of paid LJ time as a prize, or the equivalent in LJ tokens.

la_armada and xobabybirdox, you will also receive prizes :)
Feel free to post your stories other places now! :)

I'd like to say a personal congratulations to everyone because your stories were fantastic. Thank you so much for participating ♥
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