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A Safe Place to Scribble

Go Ahead, Write on the Walls

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To write anything. Just to write.

A Safe Place to Scribble


If you have any questions or problems, please bring it to the mods’ attention by commenting on this post. You could also contact one of the mods, flutttterby or writing2death, directly.


Welcome to your_scribbles! You probably ended up here for one main reason – you love writing. That’s what this community is about. Writing anything and everything. The goal of this community is to encourage writing and to inspire.

We are original fiction and fanfiction friendly.

It’s my hope that this community will run a lot like a writing workshop. After all, we’re all here to celebrate writing and to develop our own style of doing so.

So, come on in and introduce yourself!

The Rules:

The most important rule first, be respectful. There is absolutely no bashing of anything in the community. If you have a comment that may offend others, please refrain from saying anything at all. That being said, consider your wording carefully. Sometimes on the internet a comment may come across as demanding or rude or sarcastic when it’s an honest question or comment. After all, we are called A Safe Place to Scribble and that means safe for everyone.
The first consequence for violating this rule will be a warning. The second time it happens, banning.

Please stay on topic. This is a community for writing and writing is generally what we’d like to see. As long as it’s writing and your own work, we’re all good. We welcome all fandoms here – fanfiction, original fiction, wherever your muse takes you.

Everything you post must be your own work. No Plagiarising. There are no second chances for this one.

Concerning posting, this is what’s allowed:
.Stories – we’d love to read your stories…. If you want feedback ☺
.Drabbles – are always fun. Again with feedback, please.
.Role-playing – Yep. Go for it.
.Poems – Love them. Feedback, feedback, feedback.
.Multimedia stories – Yep. As long as there’s a writing portion attached, they’re welcome and loved. Feedback

This template is available for you to use:

Subject Line: (Fandom here) Fic: (Title here)

Original Fiction:
Subject Line: Story: (Title here)

For information on our rating system please see this.

Tag your entries. Our Rules on tagging are found here. It is required.

Commenting must be enabled. Part of this community is giving and receiving constructive criticism. The key word is constructive. Flaming or any equivalent is not allowed. Also, please don’t link to locked entries.

The LJ-Cut is your friend! All scribbles must be behind an LJ-Cut or linked to your own journal regardless of length. Anything above the rating PG-13 has to be community locked. If you don’t know how to do these things, please see here and here respectively.

Okay, enough about posting work. That’s not all this community’s about. It’s supposed to be inspiring. There will be weekly prompts as well, posted by the mods.
Prompts: There is an index where all past prompts are archived.
. There is no right way or wrong way to answer a prompt. Write about whatever you think of when you see it. Try to challenge yourself.
. The format of these will be similar to a meme. The prompt will be the post and the answers will be in the comments, scribbled by you guys!
. Anonymous commenting is enabled. Take advantage of it during these, if you see fit. Please don’t ask anyone to de-anon here.
. Feel free to link to your own journal/another source in these as well. This is encouraged if you don’t plan on posting anonymously and your response is fairly long.

Before pimping your community or meme or anything of that nature, ask a mod. Also, if you want to affiliate, we probably won’t say no :D